This badass woman not only accomplished her lifelong dream of becoming an author, but she has published three books, freelanced for several magazines and newspapers, authored teaching manuals, and has written film, and reviews for books and TV. She also hosts two radio shows, is a filmmaker, founded her own film festival, and launched her own digital magazine. Did I mention that she co-founded a t-shirt line, does public relations for indie artists, and will be launching her own indie TV streaming network in April and is making plans to host her own version of the Oscars for filmmakers, AIA 2020.

Meet Cindy Mich, Author/Publicist/Media Personality/Founder, AIA FF, and The Art is Alive Magazine. This self-described sassy, loving, and creative woman does all this through drive, determination, and surrounding herself with the right people. “I am always pushing the bar for my brands to be outside of the box because one must be a bit eccentric to be exceptional. The one clue to crushing it is to find one thing that you know about yourself to be true – then never allow anyone or anything to convince you otherwise. Stay true to your real self.”

Cindy started writing at a young age as a way to stand out. She won her first writing award at the age of 15 and hasn’t put her pen down since. Although she shared that she became pregnant at a young age, Cindy said becoming a mom didn’t stop her from pursing her passion for writing. Today, she’s a single mother of four children who are “intelligent, inspiring, and insanely lovable”, with a partner she says is a perfect mix of sweet, sensible, and sensational. She’s a successful serial entrepreneur with a career that allows her to write every day and use her words to make magic in the lives of others.

At the age of 40, it became apparent to Cindy that she was given the gift of writing to create change and to move and motivate others. Frequently she has heard from her friends and followers that her words were posted at the exact moment they felt scared, alone, or struggling. It was as if she could read the sorrows on their soul. They felt stronger and safer through her words. Other times, she uses her words to push people to pursue their passions. She makes people accountable and atone for their progress, or lack thereof. “It is infuriating to me when people say, I always wanted to do that or I wish I had tried that – well, in my world, you do not need to wait or wonder – you WILL. I help empower people to engage in finding ways to make their dreams become a reality.”

Cindy believes that there are a significant number of reasons for her success. The love and support of her “lifers” – the people who are there at her weakest moments and love her heavier and harder at those times. Persistence, as she never stopped trying to get published or more popular despite hearing “No” over and over again. Patience, she says she didn’t learn until the age of 48. She explains she was always in a hurry to get to the top, yet anything worth having is worth waiting for, regardless of the time involved. Her fans and followers help her by sticking by her side – they listen to her shows and support her ventures. Cindy is constantly reinventing her creativity wheel – bringing up new and niche ideas to increase business revenue. Finally, she credits her success to the love and support she receives from her children and her partner.

Cindy says she’s the happiest when everyone else around her is happy and healthy. She may be busy following her dreams and building an empire, but she finds time to be “outrageously childish in behavior – whether that means dancing in a fountain, daring to crash a wedding, or playing old school arcade games”.