Beth Levy beat stage 2B Breast Cancer, established a nonprofit (Badass Beth) while going through treatment, and also started Bolt Addiction (an online and pop-up shop with designer-inspired looks at affordable prices) – her lifelong dream. Now that’s pretty badass!

Like many working moms, Beth described her life as “go, go, go”. She was constantly running to pick up her kids, running to her next work meeting, packing a carry-on for a quick business trip. In 2018, she landed what she considered to be her dream job – a big job, with a big title. She had given herself a grace period of a week in between jobs to recover, spend a bit of time with her kids, and check off a few appointments hanging over her head, including her first mammogram. She was just 38 years old.

What happened next was devastating. She was told she had breast cancer. While her diagnosis was undoubtedly scary, terrifying, and life-changing, it allowed her to dig deep and discover what meant the most to her – her health, her family, and following her dreams. Although it was a delicate balancing act of going through treatment, while also being a wife and a mom to two young girls, Beth chose to continue living a normal life. She worked out when she felt good, never let her kids see her sick or lying in bed, and most importantly, she did everything she could to “kick cancer’s ass”. Her friends and family started calling her BadAss Beth and the rest is history.

Beth is now in remission and has completely changed the course of her life. She walked away from that big corporate job to start a nonprofit aimed at providing funding and support to young woman who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, tested positive for the BRCA gene, or have a family history that leaves them more susceptible to breast cancer. The nonprofit is appropriately named Badass Beth. Beth also decided to follow her dreams and opened her own retail business called Bolt Addiction, which helps women feel confident and beautiful in affordable and stylish clothes.

Beth is truly an inspiration. She has chosen to live life in the “here and now” and is embracing the present rather than focusing on the past or trying to meticulously map out her future. Her cancer diagnosis taught her that nothing in life is a guarantee. She has channeled her fears and vulnerability and put them into pursuing her passion.

Beth loves clothes, fashion, and people. She started Bolt Addiction because she believes there is a gap in the market she hopes to fill.  She believes women of all ages want to look stylish and feel confident – they want to look like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks! They also want help, guidance, and style inspiration. Through Bolt Addiction, Beth provides her customers all of that and more.  Her website is filled with a lot of on-trend and timeless pieces and accessories. Bolt Addiction also features a pop-up shop by appointment where they help with styling and creating mix and match outfits. Most of all, Beth and her team want customers to feel like they are shopping in their best friend’s closet by creating an experience that leaves them feeling inspired, excited, and beautiful from the inside out.

Beth credits her parents for her success. She grew up in the retail world in Chicago, where her dad worked street festivals selling t-shirts. As a young girl she was frustrated being forced to spend her weekends helping her parents. However, today she knows that work prepared her for the real world and allowed her to gain invaluable knowledge in fashion and business. Beth knows that running a company isn’t easy – it takes determination, hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. But with big risk comes big reward, and she couldn’t be happier to be where she is today.

Follow her on Facebook. If you’re in Chicago, book an appointment and get styled from head to toe. And, if you’re not local, connect with Beth for a virtual styling experience – anytime, anywhere.

I truly believe women have incredible gifts of inspiration, strength, courage, empowerment and more, so I ended my interview by asking Beth what gift she believes she has. Here’s what she had to say:

“This is a tough one – I have to say that I feel I have a little bit of each of the gifts you mentioned. In my life, I play so many roles. Mom, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, friend, and survivor. Each role has given me a gift that has helped mold me into who I am today. As women, we have so many amazing gifts, and we truly have the ability to do whatever we want and become whoever we want.”

For being a loving wife and mom, a successful entrepreneur, and a beautiful breast cancer survivor – I believe Beth Levy is truly a badass!