In 2004, this badass woman became the first female pit reporter for the TV broadcast of the Indianapolis 500.  The following year, she became the first female pit reporter to cover both the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500 for network TV’s live, flag-to-flag race coverage. She was the first female to cover a televised Supercross and motocross event and was one of the first female reporters in X Games history. But for Jamie Little, it’s not about being the “first female” that drives her, it’s about outworking the next person. As Jamie explained, “it’s about being early, staying late, developing relationships, having the balls to go after the story, and being brave and confident enough to do better than someone else.”

Jamie credits her mom for her perseverance and drive. She was the type of woman who never took no for an answer – instead, she would say yes and figure it out later. That’s something she instilled in Jamie. Gender bias was never an issue for Jamie because she believed she could do whatever she wanted. When she was told women weren’t covering motorsports, she followed her heart, said yes and figured it out.

Plenty has been written about her, so rather than recap her bio here, I wanted  to highlight some of the badass things I think she’s doing.

  1. Shelter Surprise: Jamie is passionate about animals – so much so that she started an initiative to surprise animal shelters in various NASCAR markets with donations of dollars and pet supplies. She researches the market prior to traveling for work, buys from their wish list and shows up unannounced to surprise them with a generous gift. She also has four rescue dogs at home. “I am a believer that when we rescue an animal, they are truly rescuing us. There is something beautiful that comes from loving an unwanted animal.”
  2. America’s Top Dog: Jamie is starring in A&E’s series “America’s Top Dog,” which launched earlier this month. The show is described as “American Ninja Warrior” for K-9s and their handlers. Jamie serves as a sideline reporter. “I’m just a dog freak. It’s just my thing.” In addition to America’s Top Dog, Jamie will interview award-winning dog owners as part of Fox Sports 1 coverage of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
  3. Nothing Bundt Cakes: The icing on the cake for Jamie (literally) is when she and her husband opened a franchise of Nothing Bundt Cakes in Indianapolis in 2018. The sweet store was founded 21 years ago in Las Vegas and is the 2nd one in Indianapolis. The bakery offers 9 flavors every day. Jamie’s favorite is the White Chocolate Raspberry.

She’s also an author (“Essential Car Care For Women”), owner of two Jimmy John’s locations in Las Vegas, a busy mother of two, and she shows no signs of slowing down. When I asked what makes her the happiest, she was quick to respond that it was finding true balance between being present for her husband and kids and working hard for great opportunities.

What’s next for Jamie Little? Who knows – not even Jamie.

“I know no limitations. I’m happy where I am, yet I like pushing the barriers. I’ve followed my heart, and that’s what I tell people to do. Find something that you’re passionate about and follow it, and then it’s not work.”

According to Jamie, the coolest part of her life is being her own producer. Sure, she works for FOX and has bosses, but essentially, she gets to call the shots and go after the jobs she wants. She’s making things happen personally and professionally – and that’s pretty badass!